I stopped by the neighborhood wine and spirits store for some Pinot Grigio the other day. It had been a long day, I was in a hurry and needed something for the mushroom sauce I serving the next day at the Kantorei Benefit Dinner.

Now, every time I venture into this store, I think they must sell allot of Bud Light and not much else, but looks continue to be deceiving in the case of this shoppe. The friendly associate actually introduced me last summer to a smooth as silk Irish Whiskey called Red Breast. Now another unknown, at least to me, was suggested, a wonderful Spanish red which they were pouring called BORSAO 2005 TRES PICOS Garnacha. It’s made from 100% old world vine Grenache. The vineyards cling to the rugged terrain on the slopes of the Moncayo mountain.

Deep and slightly sweet, Tres Picos is cherry red in colour with a hint of purple tones. In the nose, a bouquet of mature red fruits including black cherry, strawberries, plums with a hint of vanilla and leather come forth. Perfectly combined with a sweet and pleasant tannin, it left a long, silky and balanced finish in my mouth.

It paired perfectly well with a Thursday evening pot roast that I braised for a couple of hours along with some organic carrots, celery, Yukon gold potatoes and onions.

I made the mistake of only purchasing one bottle. Luckily the store is close and I can stop by for a couple more — perfect for a week day meal. If you are unfamiliar with this Spanish red check it out.