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Cherry Turnovers

My cherry pie/tart fillings have been hit or miss due to the amount of liquid extracted from the fruit when cooking.  After considerable trial and error, my friend Carolyn turned me on to this particular recipe.  It is now my new favorite for pies, tarts and turnovers.  And, lucky for me, as tart cherries are […]
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It’s Plum Delicious!

I hate to say “many”, but more than a few years ago I assisted Zoë François in a “Summer Pies and Tarts” class she was teaching.  Well, just last week I was flipping though my stacks and stacks of recipes and came upon the booklet from that class. With plum season upon us and remembering […]
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Homemade Crème Fraîche and Vanilla Seed Panna Cotta

Italy has mascarpone and we Americans enjoy sour cream.  France’s version of thickened cream is called crème fraîche; and it will knock your socks off.  It’s complex in flavor with hints of tang,  sweetness, and in some instances overtones of hazelnut. Each of these flavor profiles depends of course on the quality of the cream.  […]
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