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Scottish Shortbread

The year ‘2007’ is the date carved on the back of my shortbread mold.  As the holidays roll around again and I take it from its designated place in the pantry to bake another batch, I’m reminded of my friend Michelle who introduced me to the recipe and the technique for baking it.  As I […]
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I’ve often fantasized about heading downtown during lunch to check out a food truck or three, including Sameh & Saed Wadi’s truck called, World Street Kitchen, aka WSK.  I’m afraid if I did, I’d be eating, for example, a Lemongrass Meatball Banh Mi on the light rail as I headed back south.   In other words, […]
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Make an Apple Tart instead of a Pie for Thanksgiving

Instead of the traditional apple pie for thanksgiving, I’ve decided to make an apple tart instead.  It totally reminds me of the Tarte aux Pommes in France that I have enjoyed.  The crust is crisp and the apples are perfectly cooked. If you were in France you could purchase this delicious treat from any number […]
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Confit de Lapin (Rabbit Confit) and Rillettes

It was my good fortune, while on a recent culinary tour to Provence, to return to the Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle.  As part of the extraordinary lunch we enjoyed over-looking the courtyard, my friend and Executive Chef Benoit Witz presented this confit de lapin to us as a first course. The confit was […]
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Our day in Provence…

Up and at ’em!  Breakfast was at 8:00am.  However, I got up in time to give Kathie a hand.  It was an early start to the day, but I didn’t mind making the short trip to one of the Plascassier’s patisseries for croissants and other goodies. With breakfast finished, Kathie advised us that the window […]
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Landmarks mark our return

There are advantages in returning to the same place when traveling on vacation.  As long as the landmarks remain in place, it’s easier to find your destination.  GPS will only get you so far!  That was precisely the case when I returned to La Pitchoune for a recent culinary tour. Ahh, there’s the SuperU sign […]
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Ramblings of a weary traveler…

There are more than a few folks who believe that I live far too much in my head.  However, when it comes to spending seven plus hours on a flight from Minneapolis to Paris, this sort of living comes in handy.  Delta flight 219 is where I found myself recently and ended up in seat 38C […]
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Potato and Leek Soup

As the days shorten into autumn, leeks, in their mounded soil, continue to grow and mature making them a perfect companion with potatoes.  They can also be left in the ground, well into winter, as long as they are protected to prevent the ground from freezing solid. This soup is great to start off a […]
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