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Cream of Celery-Apple Soup

For a second year I plopped, well planted really, six celery seedlings in my backyard in the spring. Celery is so easy to grow and the delicous taste is like nothing you will find in a grocery store. If you have a sunny spot in your yard, pick youself up a few seedlings and give […]
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Honey-Rosemary Sablés (Cookies)

Oftentimes in the windows of French pâtisseries the sablés are as big as your palm. They are definitely big enough to share, or not! For this recipe I’ve made them quite a bit smaller. You can always enjoy a second one without any guilt. This sablé is not that sweet either. It also has a […]
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Fresh Fig Galette

The time to let fruit shine is when it’s in season. In this case figs are abundant at a market outside of Paris in September. So when I was invited to cook dinner for friends it was a no brainer to make something with figs. I made a galette as I didn’t know if I […]
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Basil Ice Cream

It been close to 10 years since I’ve made this ice cream flavor. Since I have an abundance of basil growing in my garden, I thought it was hightime I made it again. Some recipes call for puréeing the milk mixture or chopping the basil. I found this to be a needless step if I […]
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Fresh Corn Ice Cream with Blackberry Swirl

It’s prime corn season! So when you’re tired of munching it off the cob but not ready for soup, you can make some ice cream. This recipe might be a bit more involved then say making a vanilla bean version. But it’s totally optional to coursely chop the corn kernals in a food processor. It […]
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Panzanella Salad

If I were to make this salad the classic way, I would leave well enough alone and include only Italian bread and garden-fresh tomatoes tossed in a vinaigrette. The bread would be a hearty, artisan variety with a crunchy crust like a ciabatta, boule or even a baguette. As well, with the classic version the […]
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Classic Popovers

To achieve the lightest, fluffiest popovers, the eggs and milk should at least be room temperature. Some recipes call for some of the milk or even cream to be heated to about 100 degree F and whisked in at the last minute. I didn’t heat the milk but I did let the batter rest for […]
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Rhubarb-Honey (or any fruit) Crumble

As we are nearing the end of rhubarb season I thought I was through with recipes that included this vegetable that acts like a fruit. Well that and I’m kind of “rhubarbed-out.” But I was visiting a friend who had rhubarb to pick before it was too late. He also happens to be a beekeeper […]
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